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Lovense Max

English French German Italian Spanish Russian Gamers Glamor Romantic Student
Athletic Blond Big Ass Big Tits Blue Eyes Curvy Petite Piercing Red Hair Shaven Small Tits Tattoos


Free VR Sex Club is the number one website to see all of the latest cam girls (or cam persons!) - that perform live in Virtual Reality on StripChats platform. We're constantly on the hunt for new VR girls to add to the site so come back often to see who's new!


Currently we have over 200 and counting in our database, we check daily on StripChat's VR section and promote the girls as we find them (note: if the cam person says their info is not to be replicated on other sites we, of course, do not add them). We remove without question, any persons bio if requested via our contact form.


So what's all this about then? The whole Free VR Sex thing?? Weeeell! about a year ago we noticed a new section on StripChat that was specifically for Virtual Reality. After downloading an application called Gizmo VR and using any top VR headset (Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Daydream, Cardboard or Gear VR) - we were able to watch the live girls in Virtual Reality and it was as if we were REALLY THERE!


The experience was, and still is, as good as you can get when watching VR porn that's actually a live performance. You can even talk to the girls and tip them tokens to get a little somethin' extra ;) - you'll never know what it feels like until you try it, when the stunning girl looks into the camera it's as if they are looking right into your eyes, no shit! You'll see!


You can join for 100% no cost, but if you do purchase some tokens you'll be able pick something from their token 'menu' - could be something as simple as a nipple flash to a full on dildo up the butt, and it's just for you!


We are promoting StripChat VR's section only as it's just the most fantastic Free VR Sex experience you'll currently get, their competitors (of which there aren't many) are miles behind with the technology and StripChat VR just keeps getting better and better.


We are a small team but a dedicated one, we're here to help if you need it, just contact us (link is at the bottom of this page) and one of us will reply usually within 24 hours (weekends can get messy here so weekdays are better lol). We are upto speed with the whole WebXR, WebVR and Virtual Reality scene in general, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to ask something.