a litte more info on the sexy Nastya

  • Interested in: Everybody
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Body type: Curvy
  • Specifics: BigTits, BigAss, Piercing
  • Ethnicity: Latina
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Subculture: Glamour
  • Social linksTwitter

For the begging, my name is Nastya.I decided to write a few things about myself because maybe you would like to know more about the person behind the cam.I wrote in a familiar way, easy to read, I avoid losing myself in words.I hope you find yourself among those features...maybe who knows, you will remember me!

• Who am I?

- I’m years old
- I’m a student
- I’m a Libra
- I’m not selfish
- I’m a very special person
- I’m very confident
- I’m very sociable
- I’m a little impatient
- I learn to swim at 7
- I’m a very good person and modest
- I only loved once 
- I have a dog
- I have many fantasies, don’t judge me!
- my favourite cocktail is Pina Colada
- I don’t want to marry
- I believe in love
- I always follow my heart
- I’m a fun person
- I believe in a better world
- when I was little I want to become an actress

• What do i like?

- I love music ????
- i love animals, especially dogs ????
-  i love reading ???? 
-  i love to swim ????‍♂ 
-  i like to go to the gym ????‍♂
- i like to eat ????
- i like sporty and elent clothes ????????
- i love blue roses ????????
- i love to dance ???? 
- i love inteligent people ????
- i love shoes and bags ????????
- i love nature ????
- i love a good wine and a good songs ????????
- i like sunrises ???? 
- i love to fuck and to make love ????

• What i don’ t like

- i don’ t like people who talk to much
- i don’ t like lies, i hate them!
- i don’ t like insects
- i don’ t like people who are insint

• What i think?

- I know life is meant to be lived 
- i think flawless friends do not exist
- i think what goes around comes around
- i know i’m not Miss Universe
- I know that nothing lasts forever 
-  i want an endless story, but not “0 Shades of Grey” 
- I want to become the best version of myself

• Movies: comedy, horror, adventures ( Lord of the Rings, Gone with the wind, Saw Series, Marvel films

• Series: me of Thrones, Sex and the city, Narcos

• Books: The intelligence of matter, The history of religions, Osho, The ultimate journey: Consciousness and the mind of death, Whiterig Heights, 0 Shades of Grey, etc
• To read: Bardo Thodol ( the Tibetan book of death), The power of now

• Turn on: intelligence, sense of humour, talk dirty to me, the look
• Turn off: stupidity, the jealousy, too much hair

I'm here every day! kiss

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