Zooma VR (by the creators of Gizmo VR)

The creators of Gizmo VR have released a bubble match type game in virtual reality! We have it here and it's really pretty damn good! We are stuck on level 10 and there's been quite a bit of cursing around here as none us can get past it :D

"Zooma is a virtual adventure in which you will have to be smart, demonstrate your ability for rapid decision-making, and exhibit significant accuracy and coordination skills. Check out what happens if you mix shooting, puzzles, and classic match-three in virtual reality."

It's cheap as chips and currently on the Steam store priced 4.99€ - it works on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR. It has some great reviews too, it's awesome to see the creators of Gizmo VR getting into gaming as that's our second favorite thing to do in VR ;) 

Here's a link to the Zooma VR and below a video preview.

Posted: 2020-09-09