Here comes the Oculus Quest 2!

It was somewhat of a surprise announcement (leak) but after just one year we have another Oculus Quest on its way, and it's starting at just $299! This is for the 64GB version, for just another hundred bucks you will quadruple the storeage. 

This badboy is an upgrade to the already awesome Oculus Quest and there are already discussions suggesting this is going to be the best way to sex chat in vr (oh and play games). Downloaded VR porn vidoes will stream in a stunning 8k resolution at 60FPS. For more details on the Quest 2 check out the website

The display has a nearly 4k per eye resolution at 1832 x 1920 pixels with a possible 90Hz refresh rate and will be awesome for high-quality VR Porn!

It's also lighter weighing in at just 503 grams. There are optional upgrades on the Oculus website to make it even more comfortable.

Ours have been preordered so more information is coming! 


Posted: 2020-10-06