How to use Gizmo VR on Stripchat VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest technology in the cam streaming industry.

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At Stripchat they wish to stay before the competition which is that they created the simplest VR porn streaming experience available.

VR is just differently users and models can use to interact with one another , and therefore the quality is indistinguishable from downloaded VR Porn.

As creating an account (or the primary time of buying tokens) from within VR are often tricky, we recommend you get setup via your computer first (as typing in VR are often pretty tedious).

  1. Download and Install Gizmo VR to watch Live Sex Cams models in Virtual Reality instantly.

Two simple steps to immerse yourself in the VR experience

Install Gizmo VR Player app

Download Gizmo VR Player app

1. Download & Install the Gizmo VR Player app related to your device at (or search for Gizmovr in the Oculus/Htc store).

2. Type "" in the Gizmo VR address field. VR models will be marked with a VR label. You can also watch 2D models with your VR device.

If you are using Windows or Daydream/Cardboard interface you can also click on the Watch in VR link in the model's room and be navigated directly to the VR experience inside Gizmo VR

List of supported devices

Oculus Quest (NEW!) – you can download Gizmo VR for Oculus Quest from GizmoVR

Oculus GO – Gizmo VR is available in Go Experiences:

Oculus Rift – you can download Gizmo VR as a Windows installer, from Steam or directly from the Oculus App

HTC Vive – you can download Gizmo VR as a Windows installer or from Steam

Gear VR – can be downloaded from

Cardboard & Daydream – using any Android mobile device - can be downloaded from Google Play Store at

Please note that iOS & MacOS versions of VR will soon be available as well.

This VR application is in its early stages and Stripchat VR are continuously trying to find ways to improve it, with many new features coming soon.

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